Ruach Lions Basketball Club is a Christian faith based sports training program. We believe sports is a great way to teach disciplines that are valuable on and off the court. Teaching our players to play with THE RUACH (meaning "Spirit" in Hebrew) win or lose, no matter the obstacle. Our motto is LAW, KINGSHIP,SACRIFICE. LAW, stick to the game plan and respect the rules of the game. KINGSHIP, win or lose behave like royalty, respecting your parents, coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and etc. SACRIFICE, this is a team sport, there are no "I" is "TEAM", do what is best for the team, for it takes a team to win. With your help, we hope to expand and develop more teams for other age groups. Your donation will allow us to sponsor teams and provide training for children of all ages, especially those who are financially disadvantaged, to benefit from the experience of hard work, discipline, and teamwork. We aim to provide a positive character building environment for all people no matter the religion, through our love through the Gospel of Yahshuah Ha' Mashiach Jesus the Christ.